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METAR is the most popular format in the world for the transmission of weather data. It is standardized through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which allows it to be understood throughout most of the world.

METARs typically come from airports or permanent weather observation stations, and are generated once an hour or half-hour.


Some random Stations :

Elkhart/Elkhart-Morton County - United States
Logan, Logan-Cache Airport - United States
Mount Forest, Ont. - Canada
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria/Gando - Spain
Hamilton, Hamilton-Fairfield Airport - United States
Krakow - Poland
     Watsonville, Watsonville Municipal Airport - United States
Las Tunas, Las Tunas - Cuba
Taegu Ab - Korea (Republic of)
Laughlin, Laughlin Air Force Base Auxiliary Airfield - United States
Bizerte - Tunisia
Aeroporto Cariri (Juazeiro do Norte/CE) - Brazil


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